Take controlof your skill assessment

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TalentKitis a tool to issue and tracktake-home challenges

Make Home Assessments Work for You

Take-home assessments are great. But they are tricky to execute correctly.

On top of being hard to track, manual, and error-prone, they often cause miscommunication between recruiters, candidates and hiring managers.

TalentKit solves that. Track the progress, gather valuable data, communicate better. Optimize the hiring process.

Common Problems With Skill Assessments

Recruiters spend too much time jumping between documents, sheets, emails, and calls.

Communicating between candidates and hiring managers is too much manual work.

This often leads to biased feedback from hiring managers and the loss of potential talent.

Hiring managers can only communicate with candidates through recruiters. That leads to miscommunication.

Candidates end up misunderstanding the task and focusing on the wrong things.

As a consequence, this leaves hiring managers with an unclear picture of whether to hire the candidate or not.

Candidates get an email with little to no instructions, so they have to make various assumptions in order to complete the challenge.

After candidates submit the task, they have to wait for weeks at a time, only to get a template rejection email.

That hurts employer branding and pushes away potential talent.

Solve These Issues With TalentKit

TalentKit helps recruiters distribute all documents and track the entire assessment process from one place.

Get notifications and respond instantly to both candidates and hiring managers. Compile thorough feedback with a few clicks.

Focus on people, not administration.

Hiring managers get all the information they need for a confident hiring decision with Talentkit.

Create tasks, add instructions, and get self-assessment from the candidates. Rely on standardized templates for a more efficient review process.

Find the best fit for your team.

Candidates get an invitation to a TalentKit page with all the information and instructions about the task.

They can communicate about their solution to hiring managers, and feel confident they will get a fair review.

If they don’t get a job, they get a thorough feedback that helps them improve and land a position next time.

Take a Look at How TalentKit Works

For recruiters
Screenshot showing how the app looks for a recruiter. There is a moving window highlighting different aspects of this app view.

This is the assessment status. You can see how much time the candidate has left.

You will be notified it goes into overtime.

For candidates
Screenshot showing how the app looks for a candidate. There is a moving window highlighting different aspects of this app view.

This is the timer for a time-limited challenge.

Open-ended challenges will show a calendar with expected submission date.

Apply for Beta

TalentKit is currently in a closed beta.

We only have a limited number of spots available. During beta, you will get unlimited access to the platform, direct support, and an opportunity to shape the final product according to your needs.

After beta, we will offer you a generous lifetime discount.